“I love coming to pick up my weekly box because of all the fantastic people I meet. I also appreciate the diversity and quality of the produce. I like that my week is organised in the sense of what I need to cook because I'm very disorganised and my life is chaotic."             

I’ve been a part of Out of the Box since the early days – we were going to meetings down the river and making hummus and food to share, and visualising how we wanted our idea to improve the earth, the soil, and life for the farmers. For me, seeing it grow from being an idea, to people coming and picking up their box and me crossing their name off the list, it’s like a catch up with all these beautiful people who all have like-minded ideas, who want to support small-scale regenerative farmers, they love Mildura, and they love the food that grows here. Making food and knowing exactly who’s grown it is so special." 

"I'm excited by Out of the Box because it provides cost-effective seasonal, local and largely organic food – the keynote for family health. I've been in clinical health care for 30 years and have watched a startling increase in digestive complaints and food intolerances across all ages. I'm all for making our local food networks a centre of community strength. I want to know and support my farmers through the good harvests and the not so good. Governments and international markets don't care about thriving communities and healthy land. I'm strongly against glyphosate and chemical use in food. That's a no-brainer for good health. There's so much we can do to be healthy and happy. The veggie box is a part of this. And yay to all the volunteers and workers who make this happen. So appreciated."


“I love being part of Out of the Box and have developed my cooking around the box ingredients. It's made me more aware as well of what's being grown in our region."