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Sunraysia Produce

Dianne first got into the food industry eight years ago when she started working at Sunraysia Produce. Over the years her eyes have been opened to the unsustainable nature of commercial large scale farming. Her son Tony Trinick bought the business three years ago and that’s when the passion really kicked in and she was able to implement improvements to the business.  

Di has developed very close relationships with her customers and local growers. She sources predominantly local produce where possible, but fills in the gaps so that her customers can still access those items not farmed locally.

She works with well over 100 growers in the area ranging from large scale, to working with backyard growers with excess produce. Di is a central figure within the local food industry, working closely with and supporting other businesses. With her vast knowledge and long standing relationships, Di is somewhat a gatekeeper when it comes to information about local fresh produce.

Di shares the Out of the Box values such as maintaining transparency with customers, she is very aware of not only what goes into food these days but also what goes on our food. She has extremely valuable product knowledge and talks openly with her customers about her produce, where its sourced from, and how it’s been grown.

Sunraysia Produce also share our value of reducing food waste, by composting/providing animal feed from scraps, and offering a freebies table to help educate customers on how to use produce that is close to its end but still delicious and usable.

Sunraysia Produce also support the Food Next Door Project; Sunraysia Burundian Garden and have been key facilitators of its success by donating one acre of land adjacent to their business, and supporting the Burundian Community throughout the project. Di & her husband Lance also run Elm Tree Nursery on 15th Street which is well worth a visit for a stroll through the gardens.

Di is pictured above with some of the produce that is available for you to grab when you pick up your Out of the Box such as:

Murray River Salt

Produce premium gourmet salt flakes by utilising concentrated brine from the Morquong salt mitigation basin, 13 kms North West of Mildura.

Bawden's Farm Olive Oil

Just minutes from the Mildura CBD, Bawdens Farm grow their Olives, which are then pressed in Robinvale.

Woorlong Farm Eggs

Local family owned free range farm, and advocates for free range regulations to ensure good wellbeing of hens.

Wakefield Grange Farm Gate Meats

Free range and Ethically raised, 100% pasture fed, antibiotic and HGP free beef & lamb, with SA’s only on farm butchery.

M&E Honey

Raw cold-extracted honey produced in Merbein South

Fleurieu Milk & Yoghurt

Unhomogenised milk produced, processed and packaged on farm in SA. Advocates for viable farming for future generations.

And of course a wide range of fresh, locally grown fruit & veg.


655 Benetook Avenue Mildura