Our Growers

Out of the Box work closely with local, small scale and family growers within a 150km radius of Mildura. We assist them through mentoring to grow using methods that are not only sustainable, but regenerative - improving soil quality and biodiversity. Growers set the prices so you can be sure that they are receiving a fair return. They deliver the produce freshly picked to go straight into your Out of the Box and into your home.

Core growers

 Sarah Herman – Sarah is a grower from Merbein who grows the most amazing herbs, leafy greens and some very interesting bits and pieces.

Britt & Carl MacNamara – Two young growers from Gol Gol learning new ways to grow yummy vegetables for the local community.

Ben Mitchell – A regenerative farmer from Merbein wanting to supply many families with high quality nutrient dense food.

Geoff Paterson – Providing lots of core staple fruits and vegetables and sometimes some very interesting and different surprises, Geoff is a grower from Nichols Point

Sherryne O’Sullivan – Someone who loves all things green, she loves eating and sharing her greens which she grows in Merbein South.


If you are a local, small scale grower with a passion for ethical farming, and you want to expand your growing and supply the community with your quality produce, please send us a message via the Contact page.