Manage your subscription

The video below shows you how to skip a box on a weekly/Monthly basis



We require notice of any changes by midnight Sunday night before your next scheduled pick up, so we can plan your boxes, order from our growers, write recipes and keep our stress levels manageable!

Your order is automatically placed for you via our online store and your payment processed on the Sunday night before box pick up.*

You can subscribe, cancel or change box sizes until midnight Sunday prior to your next scheduled pick up.

Any changes made after midnight Sunday will be processed on the next billing cycle therefore will not take effect until AFTER the next scheduled pick up.

For example:

Cathy Carrot cancels her box subscription on a Friday. Cathy Carrot has no further scheduled pick ups.

Ernie Eggplant subscribes on a Wednesday. He picks up his first box the following Thursday (not the next day).

Betty Beetroot changes her box size from small to large at 8pm Sunday night. Betty Beetroot picks up her first large box on Thursday.

*For new subscriptions, the system will charge you on the day you sign up and then automatically skip the next billing cycle.

**We recommend making any changes to your subscription on a computer as it's easier to navigate than on a device**

 Click the icon to login, using the account details you created when you first subscribed.

Then click manage your subscription.

*On a device you will need to scroll to the bottom of your order history to find 'Manage Subscriptions*

If you would like to cancel, hit cancel next to your subscription. You will receive a confirmation email with your final box pick up date.

If you would like to skip a week, hit delivery schedule.

If you would like to re-active, hit re-active

*On a device you may need to scroll across the screen for these options*


In the delivery schedule you will find a list of upcoming dates, please note this is the charge date and is set for the Sunday of the week you pick up your box. Be sure to skip the charge date that is for the Sunday of the week of the box you want to skip.

If you skip a week, you still receive the e-newsletter, but no text message on Thursday.

If you are changing box size, select swap. Then select the new size you would like.

Press Swap product. Your shipment date should automatically be set at your next charge date. 

If you would like to switch the frequency of your subscription

Click on swap


Click on the size box you want (even if same as currently ordered)

Click on delivery schedule and select either 1 week (for weekly) or 2 weeks (for fortnightly), click swap product