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The team

Out of the Box is a community-run initiative.


Our aims are to:

  • connect you to your local organic principle growers
  • spread the word on the benefits of eating local, seasonal food grown to organic and biodynamic principles
  • support our local small scale growers
  • be friendly to the environment
  • support other community food projects through revenue raised

Out of the Box was born out of the Sunraysia Local Food Future movement, and operates under the Food Next Door board, whose aim is to help build community through food. Both of these organisations are run by passionate volunteers from our local community.

The Food Next Door team have facilitated projects such as:

Peter Webb- Growing Mentor

Deb Bogenhuber- Project Leader

Tess Spaven- Operations Manager and Grower Liaison

Rach Kendrigan- Marketing Coordinator

Monica Douglas- subscription manager

Sevilla Furness-Holland- Local Food Activator and Food Next Door Vice-President

Tony Lyons- Food Next Door secretary and 'The Muscle'

Reece Cameron- Food Next Door treasurer

Ben Dunn- Food Next Door member and grower advisory committee member

Dean Lampard- Food Next Door President