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Out of the Box is a weekly subscription to a box of fresh, locally sourced produce that is grown using regenerative practices. Out of the Box is a great way to not only feed your household with nutritious healthy produce, but also support your local food community.

Once subscribed, your box will be ready for you to pick up on Thursday afternoons from Sunraysia Produce. Here, you can do more shopping, have fun with the swap table, and hang out with your cool local foodies.

Profits from sales are fed back into Food Next Door projects such as the Sunraysia Burundian Garden.


There are three sizes to choose from:


Small: Suitable for the independent single or eat out aloters. Contains approx 9 lines of produce that will feed 1-2 people.

Medium: Great for couples, small households with young ones or housemates who want to share. Contains 12 lines of produce to fill 2-3 bellies.

Large: To feed a large family, teenagers, and bigger housemate crews. Contains 15 lines of produce for 3-4 people.