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Membership to Food Next Door Co-op

Membership to Food Next Door Co-op

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Subscribe to a weekly box which you pick up from Clove Organics on Eighth Street, Mildura. Join Food Next Door Co-op with an annual membership fee. Modify or cancel your subscription anytime.
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Join your local food Co-op! Support your Co-op in Nurturing land, nourishing people.

Food Next Door runs Out of the Box as one of the ways we support small-scale regenerative farmers. We also support landless farmers by matching them with vacant farmland and supporting them to grow diverse crops.

By becoming a member you become part of our (your) story.

You can be a member if:

  1. you are a customer of Out of the Box,
  2. you are a farmer who sells produce to Out of the Box,
  3. you are a landholder donating access to Food Next Door farmers, or
  4. you volunteer for Food Next Door at Out of the Box or on our farms.

Co-op members have equal voting rights and should be aware of our rules (contact us for a copy). You should also support our mission Nurturing land, nourishing people.

Membership is $30 per calendar year for an individual, couple or family.